Betting Structures

​* Limit Nekt - There is a specific betting limit applied in each game and on each round of betting.

* Pot Limit Nekt - A player can bet what is in the pot (ie, $100 into a $100 pot).

* No Limit Nekt - A player can bet any amount equal to their stack.


Anonymous user:

The level of excitement created by the exposed card and bluffing factors kept me pushing my opponents around.

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About Nekt Poker

Nekt Poker Launched - February 15, 2011

The fundamental elements of poker are shifted by exposing the Nekt card, creating an exciting game with many challenges.

The Nekt card allows each player to gain additional information about their opponents potential holdings. In the same respect, each player can play their Nekt card to their advantage with well timed bluffs.

There are many similar games like Omaha, Shanghai, Billabong, Manila, Pineapple and Oxford Stud just to name a few. Many others are close but none have Nekt's exact traits.  The difference that sets Nekt apart is the simplicity of the game.

The concept is derived from Omaha and the rules for making the best five card hand are the same. However Nekt adds a very key strategical twist by exposing a single card and lowering the player's hole cards to three instead of four. This alteration in number of cards dealt to each player and additional information enhance the mathematics and makes skillful bluffs more profitable.

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